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5 Good reasons why

Why use a middleman?
  Our point exactly. With Dial Direct there is no need for an insurance broker as the broker can take between 12.5% and 20% of your total insurance payments in commission, plus further administration fees. So why pay somebody to do something that you can easily do yourself? By going direct you can save on costs, and what's more, you gain the benefit of dealing directly with your insurer.

Super Low Premiums
  Independent research, based on 1200 motor & household insurance quotes, proves that Dial Direct is on average 17% cheaper than their nearest competitor*. This means that if you are currently paying R500 per month, you could be paying as little as R415 per month!

Buck Back Bonus
  According to recent independent research, the majority of insuring South Africans have voted Dial Direct's Buck Back Bonus as the most preferred cash bonus on the market. You get 25% or your first year's premiums back after year 4.

Service & Low Excesses
  Enjoy exceptional service and low excesses from only R975. No lengthy forms to fill in, everything is handled over the phone.

Free Benefits
  FREE roadside, home and medical assistance